Caley chandlery provides everything under one roof. Its well stocked chandleries supply every requirement to a wide range of customers across North East Scotland..... from fishing vessels to leisure craft and from farmers to commercial production sites.
.Euronete ( UK ) Ltd ( formerly Woodrope Aberdeen ) based in Aberdeen stocks and sells netting exclusively from the modern and innovative Euronete- factories, operating with the latest available machinery. Its diverse stock of netting is among the biggest found worldwide

Alexander Paterson
Ship chandlers and ship painters
30-33 Shore Street
AB44 1TT
Tel 01261 832225
Fax 01261 833840

Alexander Paterson Ship Chandlers and Ship Painters are a family owned and run firm based in Macduff with over 100 years service to the fishing, Marine and associated industries in the North East.
A wide range of chandlery is held in stock and a P.V.C tarpaulin manufacturing service is offered.
Running in conjunction with its chandlery service is its busy Ship Painting department offering a full degreasing and cleaning service prior to painting. The firms painting customers cover a wide spectrum of the marine trades, from fishing vessels, charter dive vessels/ leisure vessels.

L.H.D. Marine Supplies Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of L.H.D.Ltd fishing vessel agents and Managers based in Lerwick, Shetland. L.H.D. Marine Supplies Ltd was set up to provide the fuel, chandlery, wire rigging and protective clothing required within the local community and the fishing industry.
Its wire/gear rigging and shipchandlery stores, situated at the quayside at Holmsgarth in Lerwick, and its shop on the esplanade in Lerwick, can supply these goods and services to the fishing, aquaculture and oil industries as well as local businesses and individuals.
There is ample space on the quay at Holmsgarth ( as shown ) for vessel crews to work with warps and nets.
The company also has facilities and qualified staff available to manufacture and test most lifting equipment

Pisces, based in Fraserburgh, provides a complete service to the fishing industry. Renowned for highly effective and innovative nets designed by fishermen for fishermen, Pisces is also supported by a 24 hour rigging service..