The Association, which celebrated it`s 50th anniversary in 2005 represents 8 member firms throughout Scotland and England. Members supply the day to day needs of fishing vessels, from a needle to an anchor ( including ropes, lube oil ironware and netting).

The Chairman is Ronnie Ritchie of Pisces part of the Denholm group.

The S.S.C.A. has been an affiliate member of the Fishermen`s Association Limited (FAL) since 12th December 2003. FAL represents some 250 members throughout the UK and is committed to the restoration of national control over fisheries policy, instead of EU control under the Common Fisheries Policy.

S.S.C.A. Membership---
Membership of the Association is open to all persons, firms or corporations carrying on the business of Ship Chandlers in Scotland, whether such business is exclusive or carried on in conjunction with any other business or businesses.

A Ship Chandler is one who maintains premises and staff for the purpose of dealing in ropes, nets, net parts, twines, ships furniture and other stores for the deck and engine room. They deal in all these articles and generally give services to the fishing industry, whether in whole or in part.